Star Wars Sex Toys: um, yup.

star wars sex toys
Written by Gary

Star wars sex toys.

It was only a matter of time before someone made Star Wars sex toys.

star wars sex toys

I have to be honest, I am into a little kink. The craziest thing I have done is tie people up, but there is definitely something to be said about having ultimate control over someone. I am not into all that Fifty Shades BDSM shit, but I can’t say that I never will be.

One important part of a kinky sexual repertoire is having a chest of toys and implements to use in the bedroom. With all this Star Wars fever going around, its no real surprise that someone came up with the bright idea to create Star Wars sex toys. If kinky sex and Star Wars are two of your favorite things, head over to Etsy seller Geek Kink and have yourself a grand old time. I’ve heard being naked in the presence of light sabers is an out of this world experience. Sorry. I love puns.

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Just remember to use a safe word, kids.

star wars sex toys star wars sex toys star wars sex toys

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