Your Wine Stained Teeth Need these Magic Wipes ASAP

Written by Bryce

Don’t let wine stained teeth rain on your National Wine Day celebration, because you’re better than that.

If your pearly whites are of the utmost importance to you because you’re religious about brushing, flossing, and routinely dropping serious cash on teeth whitening treatments, the idea of drinking wine could be daunting. I mean, science shows that wine can stain teeth, even white wine has been shown to have a negative impact on the whiteness of your chompers. Sigh. Seriously, LE SIGH, and not just because it’s rosé season.

You don’t need to reach for the next glass with reluctance, though (unless that reluctance is related to calories and sobriety, in which case, you do you), because Wine Wipes exist and OMG your teeth will thank you. A set of 15 wipes goes for less than the cost of a happy hour glass at the bar, and will thankfully keep your wine stained teeth issues at bay.

According to the website, “Wine Wipes is an all-natural formula wipe to remove red wine stains from your teeth, while protecting the enamel from acids in wine. Wine Wipes remove the unattractive dark film red wine leaves on teeth and mouth with a proprietary blend of stain removing and teeth protecting ingredients without interfering with the taste of wine.”

We’re on board, obviously. Under $7, here.

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