Just Casually Winter Surfing In the Great Lakes

winter surfing great lakes
Written by Gary

Guys who winter surf either have huge balls (ironically, because the cold often causes testicular retreat) or a death wish. Apparently since there are no sunny beaches in Minnesota, die-hard surf enthusiasts have taken to riding the waves of the Great Lakes in the dead of winter.

winter surfing great lakes
I hate the cold. The only thing I hate more than being cold, is being in cold water. The only thing I hate more than being in cold water, is being in cold water during a raging storm where waves can reach up to 10 feet. Apparently for these surfing extremists though, those conditions are preferable.

Hence, winter surfing on the Great Lakes.

Since the Great Lakes are so deep, they retain warmth longer, which means that the water is actually warmer than the air. The surfers wear super-thick wet suits and coat all their exposed skin with a healthy layer of Vaseline (aww, just like the first time I had sex) to ward off frostbite. Most of the time, the guys end up with beardcicles (icicles + beards, get it?) and have to use thicker surfboards so they don’t sink in the fresh water.

I am all for extreme sports, but I prefer to be as naked as possible during said extreme sports. Needless to say, I will probably never purposely go winter surfing, but for grizzly Minnesotan men, I guess this is paradise?

winter surfing great lakes

winter surfing great lakes

winter surfing great lakes
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