Women Share How They Learned to Say ‘I Love My Boobs’

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In today’s edition of body positivity, we rounded up a bunch of women to share how they learned to say ‘I love my boobs’ no matter how big, small, round, droopy, or anything else they may be.

  1. They grow forever, you know. “I have had big boobs since about 10th grade and I was very self-conscious about them. It was NOT the trend back then. So I wore baggy clothing (like my Dad’s sweaters) and hunched my shoulders so they would look smaller,” shares blogger Lauren Dimet Waters of “I also thought they were oddly placed, like too low for my torso. So when I had just graduated college I had a reduction and a lift. I went from a DD to a large B and I was thrilled! I could wear everything I wanted and they were perky. Well didn’t those f’ers grow back over the years? They don’t tell you that! So I am back to a DD and have learned to love them because they are obviously what God wanted me to have. At least they now sit in  the proper place on my body and are still somewhat perky considering I have had 2 children. And luckily they are on trend and women pay big money for them today! Mine are real. All real.”

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2. It just took a good v-neck and some patience.It wasn’t until my 30th birthday (cliche but whatever) that I fell in love with my boobs,” explains Cheryl, a 30-something communications strategist. “Come to think of it, I never started out with a training bra. But on my 30th birthday, I was going through one of the hardest periods of my life. And there were certainly plenty of things I could have used to beat myself up. But on a whim, I purchased the softest v-neck sweater imaginable and my boobs just looked perfect! I was stunned at my own reflection! I think it was the first time I had ever seen myself as beautiful. And I’ve loved myself (and my boobs) ever since.

Confidence is everything.

Confidence is everything.

3. I have what others pay for. “I was a D cup by the time I was 12 and it got me a LOT of attention from boys. Since I was raised Catholic, I was super uncomfortable and wore my older brother’s shirts, overalls, turtlenecks, you name it, to cover them up,” tells Emma Medeiros, President, Medeiros Fashion Public Relations. “After getting more into the plus size fashion industry, though, I realized how lucky I am to have naturally what women pay thousands for! Bottom line, God gave them to me and I’m damn proud of them!”

It's cool to be expressive.

It’s cool to be expressive.

4. Barn doors are trendy, you know. “I didn’t learn to love my boobs until I had my first child. I grew up looking like a boy in the boob department.  ‘Flat as a barn door’ according to my rural family members. When I was pregnant with my first child I told my parents I was planning to breastfeed,” tells Diana Hoffmaster of “My dad assured me that the poor kid would starve given my unimpressive assets. Despite his dire warnings I made enough milk to feed a baby army and realized that size mattered very little for a body part that was designed to be functional rather than jaw dropping.”

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5. There’s nothing wrong with filling out gradually. “I’ve always had really small boobs,” shares full time editor, Aly Walansky. “Like barely filling out a size 34a boobs. But over the last few years, I put on a few pounds (yay? not yay. but anyway) – and my boobs have gotten a bit bigger.  In fact, a guy in my life, last time I was with him, commented that my boobs were looking hotter than ever before. While I’m not happy about the cause, I do like that ONE benefit. They still aren’t big, mind you. But they are less comically small.”

Aly Walansky

Aly Walansky

6. Sororities do offer something positive, it seems. “I’ve always had a large chest. My boobs started popping out in 6th grade and by the time I started high school, I was a very voluptuous 32C. Boys made fun of me and claimed I stuffed my bra. I wish I could unstuff them! I hated them,” explains Laura Gordillo of Miami, Florida. “Then I went to college and joined a sorority… everyone was paying thousands of dollars to get bigger boobs. And I realized, I have the perfect set for free! My chest stopped growing (finally at 34DD) but my confidence didn’t. Now at almost 30, I love them! I’m proud of my womanly curves… and my boyfriend’s not too mad about them either! Now if only I could find a button-up shirt that doesn’t pop open.”

7. Having kids can change ’em, and not necessarily in a bad way. “For as long as I can remember I always wanted a boob job, but following the birth of my kids I realized that having larger breasts weren’t as important and it became easier to love my body the way it was,” says Valerie Pierre of “My body has recently changed giving me the boobs I always envied naturally.  Moral of the story – love your body.”

If Meryl Streep loves her boobs, you can too.

If Meryl Streep loves her boobs, you can too.

8. Boy levels of tiny = convenient. “I’ve always been super small, I mean, like concave small,” tells Vanessa R. of Rhode Island. “I was nothing but some ribs and nipples, but here I am now, at almost 36 with no real need for a bra. I can wear literally anything I want and never have a shoulder strap issue. I love my boobs (or lack thereof) because I feel and look as free as a kid while all my friends are complaining about saggy water balloons and backaches.”


9. A strong body often means a strong mind. “I got boobs way young – like 10 years old and my dad was completely freaked out (duh). And every guy at school had something to say about them, making me feel very, very uncomfortable in middle school. I always thought they were annoying and brought on too much attention and got in the way of everything,” tells Lindsay Tigar. “It wasn’t until I really started leading a healthy, active lifestyle around 25 and lost some weight that I fell in love with them. And not because they got smaller (they did, from DD to a full B these days) – but because even though I got stronger and fitter, they stayed the same. I realized I would always, always be a curvy gal and that it wasn’t a bad thing. In fact, it makes me feel pretty damn sexy.”


10. Breast is best, they say. “I’ve always hated my boobs. I’ve been waiting to get them since I got my period at 11. I was sure they’d come in at 16, then 18, then 21 and even hoped for a miracle at 25. They didn’t even get much bigger when I got pregnant. But now that they’re then main source of sustenance for my baby, I think they’re pretty amazing,” shares Emily Farris of “And they don’t look half bad when they’re all full of milk.”

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