Trump Head Stickers Invade the Subway in NYC

trump subway stickers
Written by Gary

Donald Trump’s campaign for office has made its way into the New York subway system.

trump subway stickers

Unless you have been hiding under a huge rock lately, you must know that in a bid to win the presidency, the Republican party has been taken by none other than Donald Trump. Trump is everywhere, covering our Facebook feeds, our updates, our TV screens, and our radios (for the 3-4 of you out there who still listen to actual radio or even own one).

Not to be left out, the subway system of New York has been infiltrated by Trump. An unknown street artist that uses the Instagram account @majorbigtime has printed and placed thousands of Trump head stickers on the MTA ads featuring the subway etiquette guy.

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Since the subway etiquette guy is always being ‘bold’, these Trump head stickers are oddly fitting, right? On one hand it makes a political statement about the kind of guy we have running for office, but on the other it just adds more fuel to the fire that Donald Trump started. If you can look at his spray-tanned, angry face and not chuckle a little though, then you are much stronger than I am.

trump subway stickers trump subway stickers trump subway stickers trump subway stickers

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