World’s First Female Male Model

casey legler
Written by Gary

Casey Legler is a female who makes a living as a male model. She is the world’s first female male model.

casey legler

We talk a lot about transgender individuals and rights on this site, but today we are actually going to talk about someone who isn’t transgender, but just generally transcends gender.

Casey Legler is an Olympic swimming champion, gay activist, performance artist, and international fashion model. She swam onto the scene in 1996, when she performed for France in the Olympics, and was soon after signed as the first-ever woman to be signed exclusively as a female male model for Ford.

I find this really interesting, because Legler is actually breaking boundaries by posing exclusively as a male model. We, as a society are just now getting comfortable with the idea of transgender people, so a person like Legler, who cannot really be defined by one gender seems to me to be exactly what the world needs. If you can’t accurately apply a category to her, then you have to consign her to a spectrum of gender, which is a much more realistic way to look at it if you ask me.
Say what you will about her, but I sense a lot of straight girls getting very sexually confused by this beautiful woMan.

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casey legler

casey legler

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