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Butt Kegels: What They Are and How to Do Them

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Kegels: they’re not just for women any more! (and yes, butt kegels are really a thing)

Most women are familiar with Kegel exercises— the workout that helps them to strengthen the muscles of their pelvic floor. For women, the Kegel muscles are the ones that contract when they clench the muscles in their vagina. Having strong Kegel muscles is a great thing, as being able to control them allows you to squeeze during sex–a VERY pleasurable sensation for both participants. But men can do Kegels, too! Men have the same muscles–albeit, they are used for very different things!

Why Do Butt Kegels

Kegels are designed to tighten the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. The PC muscles are used for two things: clenching your anus and controlling the flow of urine. Any time you stop yourself “mid-stream” at the urinal, those are your PC muscles at work.

Having strong PC muscles is actually a great thing for men and women alike. Women with strong PC muscles tend to have tighter, stronger vaginas, which often means stronger contractions during orgasms. If you know anything about orgasms, you know that stronger is ALWAYS better.

Men, on the other hand, use those PC muscles to stop their urine mid-flow, but also to stop the urine from coming out in the first place. When you feel the need to use the bathroom but have to hold it thanks to a long line, those are the PC muscles doing the work. Being able to clench your PC muscles also gives you greater control over your bowels. You will be able to clench to stop gas from passing through your anus, to hold in your waste until you reach a toilet, and even to eliminate waste more efficiently.


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How to Do Butt Kegels

To do Butt Kegels, all you need to do is follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Clench the muscles you use to stop your urine mid-flow. You should feel your penis clenching at the same time as the muscles in your butt. That means you are clenching the PC muscles.

Step 2: Hold the clench for a 2-count. Try to hold the contraction for 2 seconds, then release.

Step 3: Take a break and repeat. Give yourself a second between clenches, then contract those muscles again. Repeat over and over until you have squeezed and released 10 times.

Step 4: Do multiple “sets”.  Once you get the movement down, you can start mixing things up. Do 5 sets of 5-second holds, or hold for 10 seconds without releasing. The longer you can clench the muscles, the better.

Step 5: Try different positions. Don’t just do the Butt Kegels sitting down, but try them in a standing position, squatting, or even lying down. The change of angle won’t affect the difficulty of the exercise, but it will alter the way your mind controls the muscles. You’ll get used to it in no time!

It’s important that you breathe during your Butt Kegels. Your muscles need oxygen to work, so regular breathing will ensure that your blood is oxygenated.

Make sure that you have emptied your bladder before trying Butt Kegels. The clenching and unclenching will likely make you want to go pee if you haven’t already.

If you get turned on by these exercises, that’s not a problem. The workout is designed to increase muscle control, but it also sends blood to the area.

The longer you stick with your Butt Kegel exercises, the stronger your PC muscles will become and the longer you will be able to hold the clench!

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