Introducing the World’s Youngest Alcoholic

world's youngest alcoholic
Written by Gary

The world’s youngest alcoholic is only 2-years-old.

world's youngest alcoholic

I know they have been talking about lowering the drinking age, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

Located in the Anhui province of China, the world’s youngest alcoholic is named Cheng Cheng, also known as “little winebibber” because he prefers liquor over milk. Cheng Cheng reportedly started drinking wine at only 10 months old (possibly beating his own record for youngest alcoholic), and can drink an entire bottle of beer without even getting the Asian glow. For someone who gets the Asian glow on the regular, I am totally jealous. I guess I should have started drinking earlier.

Cheng Cheng’s drinking problem started when he wouldn’t stop crying for his father’s wine cup, so he put wine-dipped chopsticks in his son’s mouth. That’s the way it always happens, right?

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Apparently Cheng Cheng’s family is concerned and has vowed not to give him any more of the good shit, but I find myself wondering if he will remain in their custody long enough to enforce that rule. Even though I drink like an insecure sorority girl at her first frat party, I firmly believe you should wait until all your organs are fully developed before you start giving them a real workout.

world's youngest alcoholic

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  • Why would you be jealous of the “Asian Glow”.. People who develop Asian glow have a genetic deficiency of an enzyme that breaks down alcohol into acetaldehyde (a carcinogen that causes DNA damage and other cancer-promoting effects) and converting that toxic chemical into acetate. A normal individual with no genetic deficiency has no problem metabolizing the alcohol in the liver. However, the deficiency causes the alcohol to build up in the body and causing vasodilation, which increases heart rate, headache, and the flushing response.

    The Mayo Clinic reported that behaviors and factors that increase esophageal cancer include drinking alcohol, acid reflux, smoking, etc. However, a person with a single copy of the deficient gene who drinks just two beers a day is up to 10 times more likely to develop esophageal cancer than a person who is able to metabolize the alcohol properly.

    Wishing to have “Asian Glow” or “Asian Flush” is just plain stupid.

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