Would You Ever Drop $3 Million Dollars on an RV?

3 million dollar luxury rv
Written by Gary

The only thing better than owning a mansion, is owning a mansion that you can take on vacation with you.

3 million dollar luxury rv

At $3 million dollars, the Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo is the world’s most expensive RV, completely tricked out like a rap video with a retractable rooftop deck including a heated floor, wireless command center, master bedroom with a full bathroom, kitchen, bar, and I am assuming, leather seats. The interior expands to create a 430sqft living space, which is bigger than most of my friend’s NYC apartments, and you can control everything from the driver’s seat including the temperature and security cameras.

I don’t know why anyone who could afford this contraption would buy it, since if you can afford to drop that kind of drug money on a recreational vehicle you could probably also afford a plane ticket, but who am I to criticize? The only problem is that no matter how many amenities your RV has, I guarantee it won’t be able to shut your kids up. That, my friends, would be worth a cool $3 million.

3 million dollar luxury rv


3 million dollar luxury rv

3 million dollar luxury rv

3 million dollar luxury rv

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