So Much Wrist Game at TimeCrafters, So Little Time

Written by Bryce

All the wrist game a heart could ever desire was shown at TimeCrafters this past weekend.

When I first got my tickets to this year’s TimeCrafters event, I didn’t know what to expect other than myself pressed up against all the beautiful watches I’ve ever desired. I think I imagined it sort of like me in a rainstorm, but instead of raindrops, I had diamond-encrusted timepieces gently falling all over me in a sort of slowed-down-reality-meets-movie-scene kind of way. The truth is, my bare body wasn’t deluged in fairy watch dust, but rather treated to a multi-sensory delight.

Upon entering the show I was excited to find an array of high-end, luxury booths that were manned only with necessary watch experts, watchmakers, and the genius technicians who keep the industry moving forward with record precision. The sounds were soft and gentle– the hum of watch experts chatting softly with each other, watch enthusiasts oohing and aahing over new models, timepieces coming out from their glass cases.

My favorites were all there, including Chopard and Audemars Piguet, but what surprised me the most was that by about 30 minutes in I was completely captivated by firsthand viewing the way watches were constructed. Almost every booth had their own timecrafting-genius toiling away behind his or her watch-making workdesk for the show-goers to see. It was a beautiful, intricate slice of luxury watch life that the wearer almost never gets to see.

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It reminded me of the trendy farm-to-table concept that’s going on with food– the point being to sort of known and experience each step of a food’s life cycle before it hits your plate. In this case, your luxury watch purchase isn’t just you admiring something on a magazine page and happening in a storefront or through a dealer- you’re experiencing the creation process before making any big decisions, and there’s something so much more elegant about that.

One of my faves from the show, an artistic Bulgari design

It’s safe to say I’ll be back at TimeCrafters next year, and would recommend it for any luxury watch enthusiast or wearer.


This post was sponsored, but I really attended TimeCrafters, loved it, and would encourage my readers to check it out. Also, the tulips on Park Avenue were in perfect bloom during the show, so the photo ops were endless.

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