WTF Glitter Tongue is a Thing

Written by Allison

Why does glitter tongue exist, though?

Well, friends, the internet is canceled because glitter tongue is now a thing. When tongue popping in selfies started to gain popularity over the last year, covering it in glitter was really the next logical step. My one and only response can be WHY? This is hardly as cool as the glittery Minnie Mouse shoes that exist.

How glitter tongue started

Credit: Instagram user Jacintavukovic

What appears to be the first on purpose glitter tongue on Instagram is from Melbourne-based makeup artist, Jacinta Vukovic. Vukovic states in her caption that she was doing a lip look, accidentally got glitter on her tongue (to which I ask HOW?), and made it the main focus of the look. Thus glitter tongues were born.

Instagrammers took to the trend like wildfire and started coating their tongues with the sparkly stuff. This is even wilder than glitter eyebrows, obviously.

Credit: Instagram user Gocherr

There are subtle glitter tongues, of course.

Credit: Instagram user Filmgypsy

And less subtle looks.

Credit: Instagram user Elluisalon

Again, I’m going to just ask WHY? I can see the edgy pastel goth Tumblr appeal. But for the Instagrams that have popped up with people who appear to be wearing their glitter tongues at festivals it just seems like a bad idea.

How to apply a glitter tongue

The only advice I have for people who actually want to try the glitter tongue trend? Do it with edible glitter only. It’s those glittery sprinkles you can get from overpriced cupcake bakeries (cupcakeries?). Pour some on your tongue, and snap your glitter tongue selfie before it melts away. Pretty please don’t do it with face or craft glitter which is made of plastic and shouldn’t be eaten or breathed in. Your lungs and stomach will thank you.

You can find golden star shaped edible glitter, regular plain old edible glitter, and even rose gold edible glitter in the shape of hearts. The Instagram opportunities are endless.

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