Get Paid to Eat Pizza, It’s a Real Job

Written by Bryce

Yeah, you can get paid to eat pizza. This is real news.

Hello, this is the realest news ever, and it’s fulfilling your desire to travel and get paid to eat. But it’s not just about getting paid to eat regular or mundane foods, it’s a job centered entirely around your full-on desire to get paid to eat pizza. Seriously, all you need to do is apply and move to the United Kingdom to make a living off your undiagnosed pizza addiction.

According to this Metro report, “Bath Pizza Co. has just listed a job for a pizza taster. It’s a part-time role, requiring just two hours a week, but apparently the salary is ‘competitive with serious pizza perks.'” What, what, and also what? It’s the American dream, but in the U.K. instead. It sounds perfect, unless of course you’re scared of Europe because they’ve recently offered proof of ghosts being totally real.

You shouldn’t quit your regular full-time career, but you can bank on supplemental pizza tasting income to pad your lifestyle, and perhaps launch you to the next goal in your career: the point where you get paid to travel AND eat pizza. The job is pretty straightforward, too, with applicants being asked to study the Bath Pizza Co.’s menu. Upon hiring, you’ll be required to taste it all, give real feedback, and offer suggestions.

Is this job for a pizza novice? Hardly. They’re aiming to hire an experienced pizza eater with a “cultured palate” and a knack for communication and deep-seeded passion for all things pizza. You’ll also be required to commit a weekly two hours in Bath, the city where Bath Pizza Co. is located, to your pizza tasting career.


Good luck out there, hungry job-hunting friends. You can apply for the job here, and it’s not a joke.

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