Yes, There’s a Frederic Fekkai Promo Code

Written by Bryce

Frederic Fekkai promo codes are basically impossible to find, but we have one.

If you’ve been a Fekkai flock member for years (who hasn’t?), you’ll know his products and salons never really offer sales. No discounts, no Frederic Fekkai promo codes circulating deal sites, and definitely no Groupons — Fekkai just isn’t for deal shoppers. But because we love you and we’re always bringing you the goodies first, yayyyyy, we got the scoop on scoring some major discounts at Fekkai salons. You can find a full list of salon locations here, btw.

So here’s the scoop on scoring Fekkai hair love deals:
  • From now (like, right now) till Memorial Day 2017, every Friday there will be a new weekly deal/discount/adventure launched at Fekkai Salons
  • You’re going to need to use the Frederic Fekkai promo codes each time — in this case, call and use “TGIFekkai” and only call on Fridays
  • Call early in the day, because each deal has a limited number of uses and you don’t want to be the fool missing out on a discounted Fekkai blowout because you waited till after lunch, do you?


While the full list of Fekkai Friday discounts isn’t available to the public yet, we did get some info on what you can score with the promo code in the coming days:

Currently, right now (like, right this very minute), you can nab a product bundle for 25% off on when you purchase the “Teni Bundle.” If you’re wondering why 25% is actually a big savings, Frederic Fekkai products NEVER go on sale. This is big, people. 

Use your Fekkai promo code to nab this bundle at 25% off


The bundle includes:

Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo 8oz
Fekkai Technician Color Care Conditioner 8oz
Fekkai Apres Soleil Crème 4.0 oz
Fekkai Blow Out Primer 5oz
To extend the look:
Hair Refresher/Dry Shampoo 4.9oz

You MUST use your Frederic Fekkai promo code at checkout, and it’ll only work till the next Friday deal launches (so, that’s a few days away): TGIFEKKAI

As for the deal that’ll start this Friday, March 31, you’ll be pleased to know it’s  a $25 gift certificate good for the use of any salon service or in-salon purchase. To give you an idea, that’ll bring blowout prices down to a $50 base (and yeah, Fekkai salons are way nicer than your corner blowout bar), and products down to basically pennies.

Again, make sure you use the code when you call, and don’t call for that deal before Friday morning. You, my dear, are welcome.


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