Your Summer Skin Miracles

Written by Bryce

Hot air, dry air, humid air, sun… it all takes a toll. Here’s what your skin really needs to make it through the summer.

There’s a lot going on with summer weather that makes it hard for a gal to have perfect skin. Heat and sun will dry you out till your skin matches your finest leather purse, while humidity can leave pores clogged and makeup sliding off. What’s a girl to do? Try a few of these fab summer skin miracles:

1. Clinique’s newest serum. It’s so smart it’ll feel like your skin just read the encyclopedia. It uses a near-magic formula to target your skin’s issues– whether tone, radiance, damage, or other environmental stress factors. Goes on smooth, clear, and velvety so it’s perfect for nighttime or layering. Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum, available here.

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2. Silk Stockings for everyone! If you’re anything other than a naturally tanned 13 year old supermodel, your legs probably need a little love, too. Maybe it’s teeny tiny veins or cellulite or just the ghostly pale of “I’m too smart to sit in the sun.” Whatever it is, Votre Vu’s Silk Stockings goes on like a lotion and covers mild imperfections as if they never existed. Until your next shower, anyway. Infused with loads of Vitamin E and other natural goodness. Available here.

3. Speaking of legs, this is possibly the most convenient solution ever. How many times have you been out and about, like, at a dinner and run your hand over your knee only to notice you totally missed a significant patch of hair when you last shaved? And then you’re all like “OMG, I need to stretch my dress OVER my legs.” No, no you don’t. Gillette Venus Snap razors are tiny enough to throw in your purse next to your lippies, and have a perfectly formed handle for on-the-go emergency touchups. They’re also portable enough that you could probably stash one under your boyfriend’s sink without him noticing. Just saying. Available here.

4. Refresh and relax. Sum Bum’s Cool Down Spray is the spritz dreams are made of (in this heat, anyway). It’s chock full of real aloe, cucumber, and vitamin E to soothe, cool, and hydrate battered summer skin. Personally, it’s a fit girl’s best friend after a long run, tennis match, or day at the pool. Available here.

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