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12 Health Benefits of Zinc

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The health benefits of zinc will make you want to load your plate up with these delish foods.

There are many minerals needed by your body. Iron is needed to produce red blood cells. Calcium helps to keep your bones healthy. Potassium flushes water from your body. And the list goes on… but zinc is one of the most important minerals around, for a number of reasons:

  1. It plays a role in your immune system — It’s well known that a lack of zinc can lead to reduced and ineffective immune function. To keep your immune system working well and fighting off colds and viruses, it’s time to eat more zinc!
  2. It can help to fight age-related chronic disease — Most chronic diseases are marked by inflammation in the body, but eating more zinc can help to reduce inflammation. Age-related diseases, in particular, were linked to a zinc deficiency. Regulating the age process is one of the main health benefits of zinc in the diet.
  3. It plays an important role in growth –– Zinc deficiencies have been linked to anemia, reduced growth, and delayed sexual maturation in adolescent boys. Eating foods rich in zinc can help to speed up growth and physical development, which is why it’s so important for children and teenagers to get plenty of zinc in their diets.
  4. It helps to heal wounds –– Your skin needs zinc in order to repair itself and stay healthy. Patients with chronic wounds and ulcers often suffer from low zinc levels, so taking more zinc is the key to preventing wounds.
  5. It fights macular degeneration –– The cells of the eyes tend to degenerate and decay as we age. Taking zinc has been proven to be an effective counter to age-related macular degeneration, slowing the cellular decay rate by up to 19%. This means you’ll have better eyesight for longer, and all you have to do is eat more zinc!
  6. It plays a role in fertility –– A number of clinical studies have proven that there is a link between a lack of zinc and poor quality sperm. Taking zinc can help to increase sperm count and quality, so getting more zinc in your life is the key to fighting off male infertility.

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  1. It can boost strength and performance –– The more zinc you have in your body, the more testosterone, IGF-1, and growth hormone can be released. For men who are trying to bulk up and pack on muscle, zinc is a key nutrient to consume!
  2. It promotes health egg development –– Zinc is a nutrient that all women should take, if only to improve the health of their eggs. Zinc deficiencies can lead to egg immaturity, impeded ovulation, poor reproductive health, and potentially infertility.
  3. It can fight cancer — Low zinc has been connected to not just prostate cancer, but a number of other cancers as well–breast, skin, colon, ovarian, leukemia, and lung cancer. Without zinc, your body cannot combat the growing cancer cells, leaving you exposed and at the mercy of the cancer.
  4. It boosts heart health — Zinc is needed to keep the lining of your blood vessels healthy and strong. Without zinc, the blood vessels are susceptible to damage and rupture, leading to heart attacks and strokes.
  5. It can protect against high fat diets –– Studies have proven that a lack of zinc can lead to the same negative effects as a high fat diet, but consuming enough zinc can protect your heart against cardiovascular damage.
  6. It can reduce diabetes risk —Zinc plays a role in your body’s insulin production and regulation, ensuring that you have control over your blood sugar levels. Zinc ensures that insulin is properly stored and released into the bloodstream, and helps your body be more sensitive to insulin.

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