14 Reasons to Get Excited for Fall

Written by Bryce

It’s almost Fall, so get excited.


1. Pumpkin Spice Everything. While pumpkin spice lattes returned to Starbucks as early as August this year, September marks the traditional return of PS goodness to everything worthwhile: drinks, cake, and cookies. Also, here’s a Pumpkin Spice Crumb Cake recipe. You’re welcome.

2. Cellulite Concealer Returns! Pants, people, they’re called “pants.”

3. Hot Baths. You literally just cannot take a hot, relaxing bath in the summer… and that blows. September marks the official it’s-cool-enough-at-night-to-hop-in-a-hot-bath-and-melt-the-world-away season. This Borghese set is pretty rad, and just about everything you’ll need to pretend the world doesn’t exist for 20 minutes.

4. Fall Romance. Isn’t love more REAL when the leaves come down? I mean, no one ever says “summer romance” in the kind of way that suggests something everlasting and meaningful.

5. Pony hair. It’s over the top chic, and just not suited for the other seasons (snow and pony hair do NOT mix, people!). These pony flats are worthy of screaming “yeehaw” whilst sipping a full-fat pumpkin spice latte. Available here.

6. BYE, Bronzer, Bye. Honestly, it’s enough. Put the bronzer away, everyone. The leaves have enough of an orange hue.

7. “Give me lip color, or give me death!” That’s a real quote from Nicki Minaj’s soon-to-be-published memoir, Rock A Painted Lip Or Go Away. Just kidding, but the idea of wearing a wine-colored stain upon my lips is giving me life right now, and this one is one of the easiest to use and master. Available here.

 8. Backpacks. There’s a good chance you’re not heading back to any variety of school this September (yoga classes don’t count), but there’s no reason you shouldn’t strut your life stuff in a black leather backpack as if you were living and breathing as Alexa Chung. This one is chic.

9. Fragrances = OK Again! Fragrances are finally green lit to be worn again, thanks to the calmed-down body heat and elements factor. Richer, spicier scents like Thierry Mugler Alien layer perfectly on Autumn skin (and are super sexy). Available here.

10. Bras Stop Sticking to Ribs. How glorious is that?

11. Laughing at NYFW Stalkers. All the crazies who line up on the steps outside Lincoln Center, well, hats off to them. They make my world with their total disregard for the institution of “working” and “wearing functional fabrics.”

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12.  Candles, Like Every Night. Burn one for proper dinner, movie, bath, and life ambiance. So necessary any time the mercury dips below 70, I swear. This Juara one has been a favorite for nearly 2 years, and every time it burns I get compliments on it. It’s earthy, slightly sweet, and musky. Available here.

13. Fingerless Gloves. Just the right amount of hand-thawing without any loss of dexterity, and there’s that urban-chicster-meets-runway-model energy you give off when you wear them. Available here.

14. LEAVES!!!!! 

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