Sponsored Weddings: Tacky or Trendy?

sponsored wedding
Written by Gary

Sponsored weddings are an easy way for broke people to throw expensive weddings.

sponsored wedding

You know how Nascar drivers wear racing suits covered in the corporate logos of the companies who pay for middle Americans to get fat and watch high speed car crashes? Imagine if that was your wedding dress.

Sponsored weddings happen when enterprising couples with decent social media followings decide to publicize and exploit their wedding for cash. Many times, the couples are able to fund their dream weddings without spending any money.

Courtney McKenzie and Jamil Newell, a young couple from Orlando (naturally), have done just that, and found corporate sponsorship for their destination wedding to Thailand.

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Courtney works in social media and marketing, so finding companies to fund her wedding wasn’t much of a stretch. Her dream wedding will last 11 days, and involve elephant trekking, scuba diving, and river rafting on bamboo floats. Her particular wedding campaign has gone viral on both Buzzfeed and Facebook, and she and her fiance even made their way onto the Today Show.

If you are thinking of doing this, it helps to have a social media following. You also have to set up a website, write up a press release, and not mind being a walking advertisement, as well as having a company logo splashed across the ass of your wedding dress.

To answer the question I initially posed, I think sponsored weddings are super tacky, however I cannot possibly hate on a bitch who is willing to have the 1-800-Flowers logo in her wedding photos for the rest of time in exchange for a free trip.

I have done much tackier things for free trips.

I have even done much tackier things for free, period.

sponsored wedding

sponsored wedding

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