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15 Herbal Teas for Detox

Written by andy

Looking to try herbal teas for detox? Here’s what you need to know:

Toxins can be a real pain in your rear! Not only do they slow down your metabolism, but they can cause all sorts of internal problems. They slow your organ function, increase your risk of health problems, and so much more.

Thankfully, you can find all sorts of awesome things to help you detox your body. Check out these awesome herbal teas for detox to help you flush out the toxins:

  1. Cayenne Tea — This spicy tea helps to increase circulation by dilating your blood vessels, and you’ll find that the thermogenic effect that it has on your body will give you a fat burning boots as well.
  2. Burdock Root Tea — It may not be the most popular tea, but it’s one of the best for detoxing. Burdock root can strengthen your liver, purify your digestive system, and reduce the risk of toxins building up in your body.
  3. Cilantro Tea –– The high levels of chlorophyll in cilantro make it one of the best teas to drink to detox your body. It also contains a lot of digestive enzymes that can aid in healthy waste elimination.
  4. Chicory Tea ––  This is a metabolism-boosting tea that can do wonders to detox your body as well. Drinking it before a meal can stimulate the production of digestive juices, ensuring maximum efficiency in your digestive system.
  5. Fenugreek Tea –– Got digestive problems? This tea is a wonderful digestive aid, and it can help to deal with bloating, indigestion, and toxins in your intestines.
  6. Dandelion Tea –– This tea increases the levels of a certain detoxifying enzyme in your body, helping your body get rid of carcinogens and other cancer-causing toxins.
  7. Ginger Tea –– This isn’t just good at getting rid of sore throats, but you can drink ginger tea to help detox your body. It’s effective thanks to the antioxidants it contains.

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  1. Garlic Tea — The sulfur in the garlic bonds with the toxins in your digestive tract, preventing them from being absorbed into your body and sending them out the waste disposal exit.
  2. Guduchi Tea –– This tea may only recently have arrived in the West, but those in the East know exactly how awesome this tea can be for detoxing. It’s not just good at flushing out toxins, but it can do wonders for your organ and skin health.
  3. Green Tea –– Few teas contain such high levels of antioxidants, making this tea one of the best to counteract the degrading effect of toxins. At least one cup of green tea per day is recommended to improve your health in every way.
  4.  Milk Thistle Tea — If you want to detox your body, the best place to start is with your liver. Few teas are as effective at stimulating healthy liver function like milk thistle, and you’ll find that it will do wonders to filter toxins, boost digestion, and more.
  5. Red Clover Tea –– Red clover tea is VERY rich in antioxidants, making it one of the best detoxing teas around.
  6. Neem Tea –– This tea made from an Indian herb helps to improve your liver function, and provides vitamins and minerals that will detoxify your body.
  7. Wormwood Tea –– Drinking this tea will stimulate your liver to release the bile into your stomach, preventing stagnant build-up of toxins in your liver.
  8. Turmeric Tea –– This tea can help your liver and gallbladder to release bile, which breaks down toxins and flushes out these important organs. By increasing bile production, you improve digestive function drastically!

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