15 Weird Animal Sex Facts

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Weird animal sex facts, because your day wasn’t weird enough already.

Sex among men and women is usually highly romantic, with candles, soft music, a glass of wine, etc. However, the animal kingdom does things very differently, and the way they have sex will blow your mind!

Here are some weird animal sex facts:

  1. Female ducks have built-in protection — They are able to clench their vaginal muscles so tightly that it prevents male ducks from inserting their penises. I wonder why?
  2. Kangaroos can do it all sorts of ways — Female kangas have three vaginas.
  3. Bonobos don’t care who they’re doing it with — It’s estimated that up to 75% of sex among bonobo monkeys is for pleasure only, not for the purpose of reproduction. Almost all bonobos have no trouble with bisexual encounters.
  4. Leopard slugs do it in the air — Leopard slugs hang from a thick string of mucus attached to tree branches, wrap their bodies around each other, and their penises emerge from the rear of their heads. In some cases, their organs can stick together, requiring the slugs to gnaw off the penis of their fellow. Ew!
  5. Pandas like porn — Scientists in China have used porn to encourage pandas to mate. They filmed pandas mating and showed the video to the pandas they were trying to get to reproduce. Seems humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy a bit of porn…
  6. Antechinus stuartii do it till they drop — The males of the Antechinus stuartii marsupial family only have a 10-month period in which their bodies produce sperm, so during this time they go all out on conquests. They usually have so much sex that their immune systems break down, and they die from infections before the end of the year.
  7. Hippos are scat fetishists — Hippos use their poop to entice members of the opposite sex, flinging it with his tail in order to share details of his amazing reproductive condition.

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  1. Anacondas breeding is absolutely terrifying — Seeing a slithering ball of reptile flesh is far worse than walking in on your roommate. Up to 12 snakes can be participating in this “sex ball” at any given time.
  2. It’s called a “boner” for a reason — Some animals–cats and dogs among them–actually have bones in their penises.
  3. Elephants shrews get PMS too — Elephant shrews are the only mammals besides primates (monkeys, apes, and humans) and bats that have a menstrual cycle.
  4. The window is closing fast — Female pandas are only sexually excited for between 24 and 72 hours EVERY YEAR! This sex window opens sometime between February and May, and could explain why pandas are going extinct.
  5. Barnacles have the biggest wieners — Barnacles have one of the longest penises–relative to size, of course–of all the animals on the planet. The penis of a male barnacle can grow up to 8 times the length of its body.
  6. Bats love eating sexed-up flies — During their mating, flies emit an odd buzzing sound that is known to attract bats looking for food.
  7. Lice last the longest — Females of a certain species of lice–the genus Neotrogla–have the ability to have sex for as much as 70 straight hours!
  8. Squids are swingers — A type of deep-ocean squid called the Octopoteuthis deletron  doesn’t distinguish between sexes, but will reproduce with either males or females. It’s a “first come, first serve” sort of situation!

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