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20 Things You Never Knew About HIV

Written by andy

Find out some interesting facts about HIV…

HIV is one of the worst diseases flooding the planet, though thankfully it is no longer spreading as much as it once did. It is still something to be concerned about, and definitely something to try and avoid wherever possible.

Here are some things you may not have known about HIV:

  1. One of the best ways to detect the worsening of HIV is by the appearance of your mouth. Poor oral hygiene = worsening condition.
  2. Women with HIV are more likely to develop cervical cancer, so it’s important to get a pap smear twice a year.
  3. Anemia and low levels of hormones can contribute to fatigue when you have HIV.
  4. Raw eggs, red meat, and raw fish can make you very sick if you suffer from HIV, so it’s better to avoid eating these foods.
  5. You may want to consider getting vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B if you have never had them.
  6. There is a “functional” cure for HIV, such as one that “cured” a baby of HIV back in 2012. However, there is no practical cure for HIV yet.
  7. If you’re not going to take your dose of HIV medications at the same time every day, it’s better to stop taking the medications altogether. Sporadic dosing is more harmful than you think!
  8. The early symptoms of HIV are very similar to flu-like symptoms, including headaches, fever, swollen glands, joint and muscle pains, fatigue, and sore throats.
  9. Taking care of your eyes is essential. You may end up going blind if you don’t prevent macular degeneration as a result of the HIV.
  10. HIV may never develop into full-blown AIDS. With the right medications and a bit of luck, you can deal with the HIV symptoms before you ever become HIV positive.

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  1. Watch for interactions with your HIV drugs when taking supplements, OTC treatments, and even simple drugs like aspirin. The interactions have been known to be fatal, so read the label of anything you take to be sure it’s safe.
  2. There is no single treatment for HIV. There are many different combinations of drugs to treat the problem.
  3. If you notice signs of HIV-related cancer–such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or Kaposi’s sarcoma–get it treated before it spreads out of control.
  4. Roughly 84% of new infections are the result of sex between men and women. In 2010 alone,  9,500 people were infected with HIV.
  5. Your HIV medications can lead to problems like lactic acidosis, pancreatitis, and Stevens Johnson syndrome. Get treated immediately, as they can be fatal in your current state.
  6. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, those with HIV can now receive care through their Medicaid coverage.
  7. Those with HIV need to take a powerful B vitamin supplement every day in order to prevent disease and weakening health.
  8. You can be tested for HIV for free in most clinics, provided you have Medicaid to cover it. The test for HIV is very simple–either a finger-prick test or a sample of oral fluid.
  9. 45% of the United States population have never been tested for HIV, but a whopping 16% of those people have HIV and just don’t know it!
  10. Those with HIV are more likely to develop skin cancer, as the carcinomas that cause the cancer are more common in people with HIV.

Lots of interesting facts about HIV, right? There’s a lot that science has yet to discover about this disease, but thankfully we know how to prevent it from spreading!

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