3 Ways to De-Stress Before the Holidays

cozy sweater
Written by emilyc

cozy sweater

Somehow, the holidays are here. The Christmas tree is in Rock Center, the turkey selection at the grocery store is sparse, and glitter nailpolish is starting to seem ok. Amidst all of the holiday cheer comes the stress of endless dinner parties and gift giving – not to mention the crowds horrific enough to rival Disney World if you’re in NYC. Don’t let these stresses keep you from enjoying the season, though! Here are three helpful hints that will make your stress go away faster than a designer collaboration with Target on Black Friday.

1. Forego the caffeine: It can make you irritable and jittery, especially during high-anxiety situations. Instead, try cold lemon water, or green tea for a less aggressive kick.

2. Take some time for yourself: A 15-20 minute break at some point throughout the day, whether in the shower or right before you go to bed, can do you a lot of good. Try meditation, gentle stretching, dancing, or anything that helps you to relax. Just that short amount of time will help your brain to recharge and will put your entire body at ease.

3. Keep your life organized. Clutter has the ability to affect you in lots of negative ways – it can make you feel tired, inhibit your ability to think clearly, and cause you to feel overwhelmed. A genius product to help you move towards a more organized life is the MyBFF binder/folder/filer combo. The binder and files feature correlating color-coded tabs to keep you on track. I love it for the office, but it couldn’t be more perfect for organizing your child’s homework and notes that can get thrown everywhere!

MyBFF organizer


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