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Written by Bryce

At some point we all have a bad day- the kind of day that challenges our beliefs, thoughts, and all the stuff we hold near and dear. And if we’re not super strong, sometimes we spiral into a bunch of dangerous self-doubt. I love these cute necklaces by Believe I Am because the little butterfly charm actually spells out “I am.” As in statements like “I am awesome,” or “I am smart,” or “I am creative,” or even “I’m the hottest gay man in lower Manhattan.” <— here’s looking at you, Gary. It’s a gentle, casual reminder that nothing and no one can get you down, and I’m all about positive empowerment!

From the company’s website:

I AM“, the two words that have the power to change your life.

This butterfly necklace is composed of the words “I AM” and serves as a visual cue or reminder of the characteristics you want to bring out in yourself. Do you want to feel strong? Beautiful? Dedicated? Loved? Every time you catch a glimpse in the mirror, feel the cool silver on your skin, or get a compliment from someone, it will direct your focus toward these things you are working to embody, which is unique for everyone.

There are three hearts featured in our butterfly pendant, each one symbolizes a different meaning of “heart.”

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