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This is a $360 Sleeping Bag Coat

Written by Bryce

Did you wish for a sleeping bag coat last winter? It exists now.

Not only does this sleeping bag coat seriously exist, it comes in bright bubblegum pink, too. If you think we’re kidding, we’re totally not, and according to the River Island website where it sells, the Ashish puffer sleeping bag coat is loaded with premium padded fabric, cuffed sleeves, a concealed zipper, and even a trendy funnel neck.

The sleeping bag coat of your dreams, people.

If you’re wondering how much such a delight will set you back, well, $360, and just how reasonable that is to you probably depends on the depth of your exhaustion and willingness to sleep in public places. If you live or work in New York City, that probably means you’re not only willing to wear this coat, but have been actively dreaming of it for several cold seasons already. High five to you, bright dreamer.

We probably need to add this look to our list of sleep hacks.

Is this surreal or what?

The sleeping bag coat also has a zipped detachable blanket function so you can head to a sporting event in your flamingo-pink outerwear and share the warmth, but literally. It comes in American sizes small, medium, and large, but we have a feeling this tarp-like ensemble is pretty forgiving in terms of breathing space. Also, we’re 99% certain this is the appropriate outfit to binge eat pumpkin spice Triscuits in.

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