5 Celebs Looking Extra Awkward Back in the Day

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Don’t worry – everyone goes through that awkward stage. Remember what Marc Jacobs used to look like? Well here is even more celeb awkardness for you to marvel at. Warning: you may never look at the following celebrities the same way again. Proceed at your own risk, and sorry if you can’t get the image of wholesome teen Eminem wearing a pink Alf shirt out of your head.


People who wear shirts like that, usually don’t rap as angrily as he does. Or rap at all, for that matter.


avril lavigne

So – I’m not sure about this. Is it cornrows? Is it dreadlocks of some sort? I’m pretty certain it’s nothing of the Sk8er genre.



I’m willing to bet she didn’t spell her name with a dollar sign at the time of the above photo.


adam levine

Annnd that’s Adam Levine.

adam levine

robert pattinson

Apparently, Robert Pattinson used to be a teen spokesperson for “Boys Nights” at club Splash in Chelsea.

r pats

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