5 Things You Should Know About Lorde


1. She is obsessed with royalty: This doesn’t really come as a surprise (I mean, her song is called royals) but she is also obsessed with “celebrities who get really  f***ed up”  and aren’t we all?

2. She is only 16 years old: She got her record deal at 12 and her song, Royals, is number 1 on billboard’s Hot 100 list! Do you feel unaccomplished yet?

3. She has a big mouth: Lorde has already attracted a ton of bad publicity for bashing media darlings Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift  by saying their music is “anti-feminist”. She already issued an apology to t-swift via tumblr, but what about Selena? A little ungrateful of her considering that Selena covered Royals during her Star Dance Tour.

4. Her real name is EllaYelich-O’Connor: Beyonce has Sasha Fierce and she has Lorde.

5. Haters like to compare her to The Hunchback of Notre Dame: You know you’ve made it when people start making fun of you so CONGRATS LORDE!


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