5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Adventurous/Techie Man

Written by Shannon

Check out some great gifts to give your man for Valentine’s Day!

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day  gift for you guy who loves to divide his time between outdoor biking and indoor downloading, sounds like a pesky task. So, we’ve saved you the trouble of hunting for what’s new out there, and we’ve whipped up some gems for you to pick up for your ad-tech man.


1.) So your man is more the outdoorsy, adventurous type, how about giving him a Cloud 9 Living Gift Certificate? Your man will be able to choose from over 1,500 experiences across the nation! He can choose to go on a Corvette Thrill Ride, or try his skills as a pilot with the Military Flight Simulator. There’s also Whitewater Rafting, Scenic Glider Rides and much, much more!

2.)Packaged in a shiny, silver paint can, this is the perfect Valentine Gift for any man who want to look and smell good, “The Man Can.” This can comes equipped with manly bath products such as zesty Bay Rum body oil, a jar of Fisherman’s Hand Butter, as well as a strapping bar of soap.

3.)The Sun Jar is perfect for those men who want some sunshine during the night. This jar stores up sunshine during the day and is equipped with a solar-powered cell and rechargeable battery. A perfect alternative to leaving a lit candle in the room, the light from the Sun Jar will last up to 5 hours and give you beautiful mood lighting for your special night in.

4.)Running out of battery on your iPhone or iPod is no fun, especially when your man is always on the run, that’s why Brookstone is selling this awesome rechargeable battery/power stand for the iPod and iPhone. Your man will love the features on this rechargeable battery/power stand! It flips on it’s side so your man can view his wide-screen movies anywhere; it provides 8 extra hours of talk time, up to 15 hours of video, or up to 72 hours of music; and your man can still use his device without fussing with cables.

5.)It’s still the winter season and that means cold hands when you man is trying to use his touchscreen phone, unless you get him a pair of Etre Touchy gloves. These gloves are missing thumb and index fingertips to give your man the freedom to touch, tap stroke, slide and pinch your devices’ controls in any way you desire.

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