72 Brand New Emojis, Lots Body-Positive

Written by Bryce

Hooray, 72 brand new emojis will debut this month, and your keyboard options are about to get way more body positive.

New emojis

Let’s start with a hip, hip hooray for new emojis– it was just about time, and the world had been begging for access to graphic-style tacos for what felt like nearly forever. Good news, tacos and burritos are here, but so are tons of other feel-good foods and even some body shapes/styles. Let’s assess some of the best new emojis:

  1. The avocado. Aside from this being a generally delish food option, it’s become internet slang for ‘the good kind of fat.’ Images and memes of avocados have already been widely passed around the plus-size fashion blogging community for ages, so, hooray for a shortcut.
  2. Falafel in a pita. While this isn’t necessarily body-positive, we’re happy to see the most peaceful representation of the Middle East in emoji form. Also, falafel is just the tastiest.


3. Sporty things like soccer, gymnastics, and fencing.┬áBecause the last time we checked, showing balls alone wasn’t a good enough option for most women.

4. Boxing gloves. Sometimes you just want to throw down, and using an emoji is the modern, elegant way to say ‘stop texting me, it’s late at night.’

pregnant emojis

5. The Prince/Princess option. Without delving too far into all the gender-related drama circulating politics right now, we can just accept the fact that our keyboards think we’re all royals.

6. Pregnant lady. This one is particularly exciting, because it suggests that the emoji keyboard thinks the human race deserves to keep going, and celebrates women who probably don’t feel well all day and night in order to do so. Growing a new human is hard work, and most women can’t keep their food down comfortably at this time, so at least they’ll be able to combine these new pregnancy emojis with the original barf face one to express all 9 months of their feelings.

7. Sharks!┬áThe new shark emojis are the obvious way to say ‘hi, I have my period’ without actually saying ‘hi, I have my period.’ So fresh, so new, so modern.

8. The cucumber/pickle looking one. Because not everyone requires an eggplant emoji, and that’s okay.

The complete list of new emojis is here, if you’re interested.

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