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8 Health Benefits of Wogonin

Written by andy

The name sounds terrifying, but the health benefits of wogonin are real!

Nature provides for humankind in so many ways. From the food we eat to the herbs we use to add flavor to the remedies we use to improve and maintain our health, we can find just about everything we need in nature. We all know the benefits of the more common fruits, vegetables, berries, and herbs, but there are a few more unique plants that often slip under the radar. Skullcap, for example, is an amazing little plant. Despite the fact that it sounds like a dangerous, poisonous shrub, it’s actually surprisingly awesome for your health. Skullcap contains wogonin, a naturally-occurring flavone. Here are some of the health benefits of wogonin:

  1. Fights tumors — Wogonin is a flavone, an antioxidant compound that has natural anti-tumor properties. Not only can these flavones reduce the growth of existing tumors, but they can prevent the development of new tumors. For those worried about cancer, skullcap could be a viable remedy to help you reduce your risk of developing tumors and cancers. The wogonin has been proven to induce cellular apoptosis, which is basically cellular death. By inducing apoptosis, it essentially kills off the tumor cells.
  2. Improves overall health –– Antioxidants play a wide variety of roles in the body. First off, they boost immunity, protecting you from disease and infections. They also help to reduce carcinogen activity in your body, thereby reducing your risk of cancer. However, they are most effective at combating free radicals, which contribute to cancer, heart disease, and a wide range of health conditions. The more antioxidants you provide your body, the healthier you will be. Wogonin is a powerful flavone that will improve your overall health.
  3. Reduces inflammation –– Inflammation is one of the four cardinal signs of injury. If there is internal swelling (even minor swelling), it is a sign your body has sustained injury. The swelling, however, reduces your body’s ability to treat the damaged or injured area. By reducing swelling, you increase blood flow to the area, ensuring your body has more nutrients and oxygen to make repairs. Inflammation can also affect digestion, hormone production, and brain function. It’s vital to reduce swelling, and the wogonin in skullcap is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

As you can see, wogonin is a pretty awesome compound!

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However, the benefits of skullcap extend well beyond just this powerful flavone:

  • Treat anxiety — Skullcap tea is a potent anti-anxiety remedy, one that can help to balance your hormones and stabilize your mood. The phenolic compounds in the tea will do wonders for your emotions.
  • Relieve pain –-Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the wogonin, you can reduce the pain of swollen joints, muscles, or tissue. It’s a powerful topical treatment for managing pain.
  • Stimulate liver function –– Skullcap contains a wide range of antioxidants that will improve liver function and flush toxins and fats from your vital organ. You can boost liver antioxidant activity, speeding up healing.
  • Soothe nervous system –– Feeling jittery after too much stress and caffeine? Nervous system disorders can be caused by a wide range of problems (including chronic stress), but skullcap can help to soothe your central nervous system and help you feel calmer.
  • Fight cholesterol –– The antioxidants in skullcap will help to prevent cholesterol buildup in your bloodstream, reducing your risk of heart disease.
  • Manage diabetes –– Skullcap can help to regulate your blood sugar levels, making it easier for your body to regulate insulin. Skullcap will even help your pancreas to produce more insulin, increasing your sensitivity to the hormone once more.


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