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8 Natural Remedies for Peeling Nails

Written by andy

Natural remedies for peeling nails:

If you spend a lot of time taking care of your fingernails, it may freak you out to notice that your nails are chipping, peeling, or cracking easily. You’ve just applied a fresh coat of nail polish and all of a sudden a few fingernails are peeling away? What’s going on?

Peeling fingernails can be caused by a number of things, one of which is using too much strong detergent for cleaning your home. Harsh chemicals and detergents can weaken your fingernails by drying them out, leading to brittle, easily broken nails. An imbalanced diet can also cause fingernail health problems, so it’s vital that you eat the right balance of nutrients in your diet.

If you want to deal with your peeling nails, here are some natural remedies for you:

  1. Vitamin E — Vitamin E contains protective properties that will help to lock the moisture in your nails. It’s better for protecting your skin, but you’ll find that applying Vitamin E creams to your nails will work wonders as well.
  2. Jojoba Oil –– Jojoba oil makes for a wonderful moisturizing lotion, and it will help to prevent your nails from becoming brittle and breaking. Applying jojoba oil along with Vitamin E will make it easier for your nails to absorb the Vitamin E, doubling the effectiveness of the remedy!
  3. Calcium –– If you notice you are developing white spots on your nails, it means that your nail health problems may be caused by a lack of this mineral. It’s time to start eating more calcium, in the form of milk, yoghurt, cheese, and leafy greens. Make sure to get enough Vitamin C in your diet to enable your body to absorb and process the calcium.
  4. Fish Oil –– Fish oil contains the Omega-3 fatty acids that will not only protect your fingernails, but also help to improve nail health. These fatty acids improve hair, nail, and skin healthy drastically!

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  1. Protein –– Your nails need protein in order to be healthy. The fingernails are actually made up of a form of protein known as keratin, so you need to consume more amino acids in general in order to have healthy nails. Try to eat the low-fat proteins like chicken, legumes, fish, seeds, and nuts, but do add red meat to your diet in order to have healthier nails!
  2. Olive Oil –-Don’t eat the olive oil, but instead use it as a soak for your nails. Place your fingertips in olive oil and let them soak for a few minutes. Do this once a day for a week, and you’ll find that the remedy will work wonders to improve your nail health. The olive oil will smooth out the texture of your fingernails and harden them, making it less likely that they will crack.
  3. Nail Polish –– Surprisingly, the right nail polish can help to stop your nails from cracking and peeling. You’ll want a transparent nail polish to do the trick, as it will act as a protective layer to reduce wear and tear. However, if the nails are peeling or badly chipped, you should avoid using nail polish–the chemicals will harm the nails further.
  4. Water –– Drinking more water is a good way to improve the health of your nails. Just like your skin, your fingernails will often become chipped and brittle if they aren’t getting enough water. It’s vital that you stay hydrated for the health of your hair, skin, fingernails, and the rest of your body.

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