Your Favorite 90s Cartoons As Drug Addicts

Lindsay Lohan. Amanda Bynes. Macaulay Culkin. Tommy Pickles. The phenomenon of child stars growing up to become drug addicts is nothing new to popular culture. Now however, it seems like even fictional child stars aren’t safe.

childhood cartoon drug addicts

Artist Paul Ribera (in case you can’t read his ridiculously intrusive watermark) painted some pretty disturbing, yet awesome images of all our favorite 90s childhood cartoons as drug addicted whores. While this selection of images was probably meant to call attention to the drug problem in America, it also serves to remind people that cartoons are just like us. If you prick them (with a heroin needle) do they not get high?

If nothing else, its a pretty cool way to reminisce on #FlashbackFriday. I always wondered if Doug ever grew up to become a homosexual with his best friend Scooter, and if someone finally slapped the shit out of Angela from Rugrats. Now I know the truth: Doug became a gay Weho prostitute selling his distended a-hole for crack at the bus stop, and Angela is was murdered by Chuckie for drug money, and is buried in a ditch somewhere in the Arizona desert. Its called closure, people.

You’re welcome. Click through the slideshow to see more of your childhood favorites smoking, snorting, and swallowing the good shit.

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