Accessories Spotting: Beating the Bathing Suit System

Written by Casey

Can you tell the difference between the $200 and $6 bikini?

I am a firm believer in not spending a lot of money on bathing suits. Why? You may ask. Because I live in New York and it is cold approximately eight months out of the year. If I lived somewhere warm like LA,or Mexico, I could see myself perhaps splurging on a nice swim suit. But until I move, I will never spend a lot of money on a bathing suit. The photos on the left side are bikins from H&M and the on the right, are from high end designer Zimmerman’s company. I did some research and compared and contrasted the recent high end designer Zimmerman’s collection which inclides beauitful bikinis that are in the $200 price range, to an odly similar H&M swimsit line where tops and bottoms sepearatly are around $4-$13.

So which side fits into your lifestyle?

Photos via Zimmerman’s website here.

H&M swimsuits can be found here.

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