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Accessory Spotting: Clear Frames Are the Clear Choice

Written by Tanner

You clearly need clear frames.

See things clearly in 2012 AND be totally on-trend; whether specs or sunglasses, clear frames are a great way to add some excitement to daily eyewear! Tortoise shell is classic, black is sophisticated, and neon frames are great for wild Wednesdays or fun Fridays, but clear frames are definitely having their time in the sun right now and look great for any occasion! Brands such as Mezzmer, Tortoise & Blonde, and Lookmatic are all embracing this fun new look, and offer a variety of shapes and styles – below are my top picks!

The OSCAR by Lookmatic, $58 on

The TOWN HALL by Mezzmer, $99 on

The KENMARE by Tortoise & Blonde, $97 on
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