Adorable Animals That Could Murder You in Your Sleep

dangerous animals
Written by Gary

Adorably violent animals.

These cute creatures would kill you as soon as look at you, so steer clear.

dangerous animals

Everyone knows polar bears are violent, but did you know that when the temperature drops and shit gets real, that they eat each other? That’s right, polar bears are cannibals, so just imagine how few fucks they would give about consuming you.

There are lots of adorable animals out there in the world. In fact, most animals are totally cutesy when they are young, despite the fact that many of them grow up to be bloodthirsty monsters that could kill you without blinking. In particular, these four types of animals look adorable, but could definitely murder you, so if you see them in the wild, its best to stay away, even if your first inclination is to stroll up and take a few pics for Instagram.

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dangerous animals

Dolphins may seem nice and cuddly, but gangs of male dolphins have been known to isolate females and rape them for weeks on end. They also have been known to torture and murder baby porpoises, for no real reason. Rude, right?

dangerous animals

Ducks aren’t considered high on the food chain in the animal kingdom, but up to 40 % of sex between wild mallards is nonconsensual. In other words, they rape the shit out of each other. Have you ever seen a duck penis? If you haven’t google it, although you may not sleep well tonight. They may not be able to do much to a human, but why chance it?

dangerous animals

 It’s one thing to kill humans for food or territory disputes, but hippos have been known to hide underwater and maul humans just for the hell of it. Hippo attacks also have the highest mortality rate, even higher than lions and leopards.

dangerous animals

Otters may seem like leisurely weasel that just want to float down the river on their backs, but they are also well-documented for raping their mates, even after their mates are dead. This makes them necrophiliacs, and definitely not creatures you want anywhere near you.

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