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Love Hormones Nasal Spray May Help You Lose Weight

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How oxytocin can help to prevent weight gain…

What is the hardest part about losing weight? For most people, it’s sticking with their diets and eating healthy. Getting in a good workout isn’t too difficult, but the real challenge is saying “no” to foods we know we shouldn’t be eating. After a few days or weeks of dieting, we’re all hit with the temptation to cheat on our diet or snack on something unhealthy. If you can stick to your diet, you’ll have a greater chance for success. If not, you may end up gaining more weight than you lose.

However, there are a number of things that can help you to lose weight. Diet pills and supplements come in all shapes and sizes, and they may be an effective option for making weight loss easier. According to Health Magazine, a love hormones nasal spray may help you lose weight…

A spray made with oxytocin is believed to be a new weight loss tool. Oxytocin is called the “love hormone” due to the fact that it promotes a feeling of bonding between two people. It’s the hormone that bonds babies to their mothers, and it plays a large role in romantic interpersonal relationships.

So how can it help you lose weight? Well, according to the article, the oxytocin helps to reduce impulsive behavior in men who are obese or overweight. This means that you’ll be far less likely to cheat on your diet, thanks to the oxytocin spray.

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You see, humans often do things on impulse. We do things because we have trained ourselves to do them or because we feel like it. This can be good, but when it comes to diet and weight loss, impulsive behavior can lead to weight gain–or, at the very least, less effective efforts to manage your food intake. If you are an impulsive eater who eats when you feel like it or you get food cravings, this can make it much harder to stick to your diet. You could end up snacking on the wrong foods or overeating, all because you have difficulties controlling your impulses.

But, with the help of oxytocin, a hormone that can reduce impulsive behavior, you may be able to reduce your tendency to snack on the wrong foods or cheat on your diet.

In the news article, it described the tests used to determine oxytocin’s effect on impulsive behavior. Men were asked to respond to visual stimuli (shapes on a screen) by pressing certain buttons. However, after becoming familiar with the task, they were asked to only press the button AFTER a beep sound. This forced them to control their impulses to press the button when the shape appeared, making them wait until they heard the beep.

After trying a oxytocin nasal spray, the men pressed the button incorrectly fewer times than their counterparts on a placebo. This shows that oxytocin can help to manage your impulses, making it easier for you to think before you act.

If you’ve found yourself munching on the wrong food BEFORE you have a chance to think about what you’re doing, this love hormones nasal spray may be just the thing to help you out. It can give you better control over your impulses, making it easier for you to think about what you’re doing before you do it. You’ll find yourself making better diet and lifestyle choices. In the end, you could see much better weight loss thanks to the addition of this unique nasal spray.

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