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I’ve been changing my lifestyle to incorporate a healthier, greener, organic, natural way of living for the past six months with the help of my holistic nutrition counselor Monica. We’ve evaluated my exercise & lifestyle habits, and most importantly, my eating habits. If you’re like me with bad genetics (high cholesterol on maternal side, diabetes on paternal side) and parents who eat only steamed or boiled fish and vegetables because of the poor diet and lifestyle choices they made when they were young… you’d be a little freaked out too. My counselor assigns me goals bi-monthly that I should try to incorporate into my everyday life.

Starting with laundry (*groan*). I despise doing laundry because of various idiotic reasons.

1. I have an over-abundance of clothing.

2. There’s always a large pile

3. Most of my clothes are hand-wash only. – I’ll get to this a little later

4. Coin laundry. Enough said.

5. I hate folding my laundry. *groan

With these idiotic reasons all out on the table. I do like having clean clothing, lots of clothing, and own many delicate clothing.

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Sometime last year, I discovered The Laundress through one of my favorite casual wear stores, Madewell. The store gave me a sample bottle of The Laundress’ denim wash. The detergent helped my designer denim keep its shape and most importantly… its designer color. I like my denim dark but absolutely hate the fading that corresponds with washing. I usually send it out for dry cleaning, but I’ve now learned that dry cleaning  breaks down the denim fibers! Now, I’m hooked on The Laundress denim wash.

For my delicate clothing,the majority is usually stuffed into the ‘delicates’ mesh bag for washing.  I get mine from Japanese discount store, Daiso in a bulk pack. These bags save my lingerie, underwear, dance wear, tights, socks, hand washable tops, etc. from pulling, and being jostled around so much in the machine. However, I’m lazy… so I usually just toss most of my clothing in washer and turn the washer setting to COLD. What I will not do, though, is use regular laundry detergent. My alternative? The Laundress’ Delicate Wash.  It is much better on my delicates than regular Woolite. What’s best, is that a little goes a long way.

The entire The Laundress line is great. Recently, I tried out their Sport Spray on dance costumes because I didn’t have time to wash them before we had to wear them again for a photoshoot a few days after the performance. I am happy to report that it didn’t smell noxious, and the spray kept the tops and skirts from smelling badly, with its anti-bacterial element ingredients. Where was this spray this summer when I performed for two weeks straight under the blazing sun in a fire-engine red PVC dress??? I will definitely keep the Sport Spray in my dance bag to keep costumes fresh.

The best part about The Laundress products is that their products are toxic-free, 100% biodegradable, allergen and paraben-free. Like I said earlier, a little goes a long way. I can’t wait to try other products from their line.

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