Give A Damn About Puff Ball Dress Fad, Says Internet!

Written by Courtney Leiva

Who even thought a puff ball dress needed to exist?

Oh do we love a killer bodycon, but who knew the latest thing in dress wear looks like something straight out of Jim Henson hell?

Yes that’s right fellow fashion lovers, thanks to NastyGal, you can finally look like your daughter’s cotton ball art project, and still somehow get away with it. Guess #thedress really wasn’t that bad after all!

Image: Nastygal.com

Here’s the deal: Australian label Dyspnea doesn’t do your basic women’s wear shindig. Instead of tailored blazers and those boring work pants you hate, Dyspnea designs out of this world designs tailored for the ‘daydreamers and tastemakers.’ We bet Paris Hilton and those endless Coachella hipsters are already in heaven.

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Now for the dress. If you’re dying to put Miss Piggy to shame, then this $583 (yes, you read that right!) piece just for you. Featuring purple, pink, and blue puffs, this pink mesh number will totally knock them dead next time you’re in the club. Just do us a favor, don’t meet his parents in this. Unless his parents happen to be those experimental Salvador Dali kind of types of course. Then you’re probably good!

NastyGal recommends wearing this bad boy with a bralette and matching panties. So, if you’re not Rihanna, and maybe want something new in your lingerie drawer; why not use that tax refund on this feathery find. Just don’t blame us when he thinks it’s a belated April Fool’s joke.

Our final verdict? Unless you got a multi-billion dollar world tour coming up, leave this piece to the puppets, folks!

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