Art Spotting: Mambo Takes Magnificent Mayhem to the Streets

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Artist MAMBO emboldens white wall turning them into high-scale animation on city walls across the world.

Contemporary muralist and Chilean born, Flavien Mambo Demarigny, better known as MAMBO is famous for creating exquisite, colorful paintings and portraits. Not only that, but along side of his tangible art work painted on the streets of Paris and his current home in Los Angeles, he now creates videos that greatly complement his art. But more importantly, they provide for a larger and more diverse audience, as he puts the videos on Youtube so that you don’t have to live in his select cities, (which include Sao Paulo, Milan, and Tokyo) to grasp the meaning and beauty behind his artwork.

MAMBO can be considered an upscale graffiti artist. His videos are more intimate and usually show the viewers the artist himself outside creating his magnificent pieces on large white canvases.  Other,  videos are more raw and organic shots of his hands flipping through a book of his more personal sketches. In addition they have a killer background soundtrack, which compliments the aesthetic of his original mural in a very collaborative way, enhancing his pieces.  Personally I believe that his videos exemplify his talent if not equal to, or greater than the simple photographs of his murals. This is because we see the artist starting from a large white canvas and literally creating a masterpiece from nothing.

If you would like to see more of MAMBO’s fantastic work you can visit his site here.

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