Awesome Spotting: Men With Fancy Lady Hair

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

Writer Jessica Saia of the Bold Italic took 8 brave men to the hair salon to get “fancy lady hair.” The results are hilarious!

Does your dude have long hair? Have you always wondered why he’s so lazy with it and continues to throw it up in a stupid low ponytail? Well, thank God for writer Jessica Saia of the Bold Italic. She, like any smart, well-kempt woman, recognized that guys with long locks need some hair love too. I mean, after all, why shouldn’t they experience the joy of getting an intricate prom updo or breathtaking Brigitte Bardot curls when they clearly have the length for it? To remedy this appalling injustice, she decided to take eight brave men with long hair to Salon Miel to get “fancy lady hair”. These pictures seriously say it all:

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