Baby Luxe Crave: Tiny Cashmere Things

Written by Jess L

I have a confession to make. I have an entire closet full of cashmere. OK, not literally an entire closet, but I have more cashmere than I really know what to do with. It’s not all high-end, either: there’s vintage, there’s hand-me-down, there’s a Joe Fresh piece or two. (For you non-Canadians, Joe Fresh is like the Gap but you can buy it at the grocery store, amazing right?) And it is all softer than a cloud full of unicorns and Care Bears.

Now that my daughter is nearly 3 and a half and no longer liable to spill stuff on everything she owns (unlike my husband – love you honey!), I’m ready to invest in some pieces for her that might last more than a few weeks before getting wrecked. She’s ready for some cashmere of her own. God knows she puts mine on and trips over it enough.

Of course, my husband being British, I went straight for Burberry. They have the most amazing little dusky purple bow-trim cardigan that goes perfectly for winter parties over their feather-print silk dress that I’m currently craving for my golden-haired little girl. Tiny cashmere sweaters are my current reason to exist. And then I got sucked into the ChildrenSalon website and came across this cashmere dress from T-Shirt T-Shops with Swarovski crystals and puppies. Who could resist even one of those things, let alone both? It’s like a one-two punch to the credit card.

Because at heart I am 100% preppy – like, country club and khakhis and non-ironic dock shoes preppy – I am also  kind of obsessed with the idea that my kid can have the same J. Crew cable-knit cashmere sweater that I have . Is that creepy?

Finally,  if you’ve got a tiny baby and you don’t really care if your kid’s cashmere gets every conceivable bodily fluid on it, I am a huge fan of Roberto Cavalli’s cashmere-blend cardies. This one’s in grey but it would go nicely on either a boy or a girl.

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Jess completed her PhD in English and then decided she liked schmoozing better than the library. Now she's a social media marketing consultant who dazzles clients by day and teaches MBAs by night before heading off to the next gala. She's based in Toronto but has lived all over the world and loves to travel more than anything else. She's a mom but doesn't dress like one; her 3-year-old daughter loves silk and cashmere, and inherited her mama's taste for the good things in life! Jess covers baby and kid luxe for TLS.

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