Relationship Spotting: Some Facts to Keep in Mind on Your Next Date

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sex and the city

I am no relationship expert, but there’s nothing a little Google can’t fix. I have compiled a few facts to keep in mind for your next date. These facts can serve as a bench mark for your dating normalcy, they can give you clues about what works well in the dating world, or they simply be facts and stats that are fun to know and that will carry you through any undesired first date conversation lulls.

This should take the pressure off next time you prowl the bars: A University of Chicago study found that people were twice as likely to find a date through friends and family than through the bar scene.

In the online dating world, women are most afraid of meeting a serial killer, whereas men are most afraid of meeting someone “fat”. Priorities.

According to a survey, 43% said fresh breath mattered the most before a date, followed by stylish clothes. You can relax a little about your hair because only 10% said that mattered.

Studies show that happiness is contagious – it’s hard for potential dates to walk away from positive people.

Dating specialists suggest that if a woman doesn’t return a call after two messages, she’s not interested. I wonder if there are actually any men reading this website to take note?

Two “wing women” are better than one. It’s harder for a man to strike up a conversation when there are only two women for fear that one might feel left out.

Italian restaurants are the most popular restaurants for a first date.

And finally, before you venture out to explore the dating landscape, a quick review of first date faux pas: showing up late, talking about yourself too much, talking about your ex too much, and blatant over-eagerness. Happy dating!

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