Beach Head

Written by Ashley

Look like a beach babe (bum) with these simple techniques:

ALWAYS have Creme Pomade LuxSpot pick: It’s not just for short piecey looks. This stuff is playful, texturizing, and deliciously smelly.  Not to mention.. it looks  like Fluff, smells like it too.  I have been using it to help slick back my bangs of doom, in the morningsI can’t be bothered with them.. It’s also killer for showing flyaways who’s boss, and controling split end mayhem.

Wanan try out that beachy boho braid everyone’s yappin about, ala Sienna, LC & flailing Jen Aniston?  Just smooth on a LITTLE bit of got2b’s pomade to the hair that you are about to braid. (I’m serious, like less than a dime size, a little goes a long way) and braid away.  Secure the end of your wee braid under a layer of hair with some bobbys. LuxSpot pick: Scuncci No Slip Grip $3.49

This will give you the loose look you crave with a little shine, and your bangs and flyaways will know who’s boss.  You can also use a little on the ends of your locks to control split ends.

Her braid stays put, while flailing!

Jen, and her boho braid, flailing.

Want a more fancy free hair situation? Two words. Beach Head. It’s the new bed head, for summa.

Sea Salt spray ( read below)  is the best way to get this look, short of going to dip yourself in the ocean. And unless you’re a lifeguard, or insane, this isn’t always an option.

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But say you’re lucky, and you’re a frequent seaside dipper.  You know that sometimes actual sea salt can make hair a wee bit dull. But it’s out of the question to be bringing bottles of hair goop with you to the beach, right? LuxSpot pick Ted Gibson Hair Sheets $25:

Ted Gibson Hair Sheets: 10foils/box $25.00

Ted Gibson Hair Sheets: 10foils/box $25.00

Pop these individually wrapped foils into your purse for the beach and smooth on at any time to help prevent UV damage, eliminate frizz, add shine, and make your hair smell delish, and manageable as hell. For serious.  It’s a refreshing little pick me up that makes beach hair polished and ready for an impromptu after beach date. ( these can roll with you to the office for a mid day hair fix, too.)

But if you’re like most of us, you can’t just stroll to the beach every day and dive in for your daily hair fix.  I’ve been using this technique:

  • Slick wet hair with of that pomade I love so much, and braid in sections. I suggest two pigtails in front, and two in the back.
  • Wake up, take the braids out, shake your body like a snake, ma, and break up the braids.
  • Admire your beach hair and hit the road.

If you’re washing your hair in the AM:

  • Spray the dickens out of your wet/towel dried hair with LuxSpot Pick: KMS Hairplay Sea Salt Spray $15,
  • Twist it up into a french twist or let your locks hang loose. If you’re hangin around, finish the look with another little spritz, or just be on your way.

By the time you get to where youre going, your hair should be dry and to be unleashed.

Surf’s Up, Ladies.

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