Because Sexism and Pedophilia Is Okay?

Written by Emily

Some of the not-so finer parts of the 1970’s

With Mad Men now bringing sexism, daytime drinking (we’re all guilty of this), and cheating on your wife the norm, I decided to check out other ads from the 1970’s.  What first caught me about this advertisement is that while it’s mega sexist, I also kind of have issues with opening ketchup bottles.  Whether this makes it really wrong or really true, I don’t care.  It’s still messed up.

Wow.  This one in particular from the late 1970’s gives me the creeps.  Sure, there were a lot of drugs, orgies, and Creedence Clearwater Revival, but this is just effing ridiculous.  Not only do the containers slightly resemble that of lube, but the whole ad screams “uncomfortable wrongness.”  The worst part about this ad is that 40 years later on TLC, Toddlers and Tiaras, they exploit young girls as young as 4 parading around in make-up as an all-you-can-arrest display of kiddie porn for pedophiles.

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