Being Marilyn: The Good, Bad, and the Whaaat?

Written by Karina

Marilyn Monroe: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

So Michelle Williams is a definite babe, which we knew already. And now she’s on the cover of October’s Vogue channeling the babe of all babes, Marilyn Monroe, for her upcoming film “My Week With Marilyn”. I was excited to check out the pictures until I remembered, hey, everyone plays Marilyn Monroe at some point, old news!

And even with the dozens of dames who’ve stepped into those troubled kitten heels over the years, few have succeeded at bringing to life the “sweet angel of sex” (hey, that creepy Norman dude said it, not me). Obviously, folks. If all it took to become Marilyn was a decent peroxide rinse and smudge-proof red lipstick, we’d all be strutting around town in white halter dresses and making dudes pass out.

To welcome the latest lady the ranks of faux-Monroe’s, here’s a quick round-up of the good, bad, and the “How the hell’s???” of Marilyn portrayals.

The Good:

Yes, this is Mrs. Camden from 7th Heaven. Same woman who cried at least three times per hour-episode, and was one of the most frightening-to-imagine-in-real-life mothers on family TV. But back in her heyday, she won herself an Emmy for her Marilyn role in Marilyn: The Untold Story, and surprisingly, the satin sheets kinda fit.

The Bad:

Anna Nicole Smith never got to play Marilyn onscreen – though it wasn’t for not trying – but she pretty much did everything she could to act out the part every single day, until her death in 2007 which strangely resembled Monroe’s 45 years before.

The Huh, whaaa?

Mira Sorvino, of beloved Romy and Michelle fame, did her Marilyn bit in the 90s movie Norma Jean and Marilyn alongside Ashley Judd, who played the brunette Norma Jean persona. I’ve got nothing against Mira, but I’m wondering if there was some freak shortage of blond actresses in 1996 that got the husky-voiced and tomboy-shaped Sorvino cast in the coveted part..??

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