The Best Bathroom Plants to Soak Up Smells and Chemicals

The best bathroom plants to keep you happy and healthy
Written by Allison

Hands down, the best bathroom plants

The best bathroom plant is … pretty much any plant. So long as you can keep her alive in the bathroom, most plants are going to do you wonders. Indoor plants are a gift to this world because aside from being a glorious snoring solution, they literally clean your breathing air and remove toxins. We’re not even going to touch all the research that tells us being around plants is good for your mood, today we’re just focusing on the best bathroom plants.

The best bathroom plants to keep you happy and healthy

The best bathroom plants to keep you happy and healthy


But first, let’s chat a little plant care. For most people, the bathroom is a small, dark, potentially window-less place. It’s not exactly plant heaven. My bathroom has a large window that my little plant buddy loves, but not every renter is so lucky. Place your plant wherever it can get the most indirect sunlight, and be sure to pay attention to how much water it needs. Plants are going to soak up the moisture that gets misty when you shower, but that’s likely not enough hydration.


The best bathroom plants to keep you happy and healthy

With that said, here are the seven best bathroom plants that hopefully you won’t kill.

  • Dieffenbachia – The plant seen above! This tropical beauty loves indirect sunlight and moist soil. Make sure you have room for this one, they can grow up to six feet high!
  • Aloe Vera – Aloe is an easy plant to keep alive, and a bathroom must for DIYs. Keep aloe close to a light source, and check how much water it may need – the humidity may be enough alone.
  • Orchid – Orchids are notoriously difficult to keep as indoor plants for the casual plant enthusiast. Watering an orchid is risky because they’re very picky. Luckily, they love bathroom mist. Just be sure to place it in indirect sunlight.
  • Pothos – The Pothos plant is becoming the millennial favorite. It’s a hearty plant that drapes gracefully down from hanging planters or high shelves. They love warm temperatures and humidity so they tend to do well in bathrooms – again just try to give her as much light as possible.
  • ZZ Plant – ZZs are nearly indestructible. They can deal with varying degrees of light, water, temperature, and humidity. They tend to be a great choice for people who may forget to water their plants.
  • Boston Fern – Ferns love a good bathroom. The warmth, humidity, and filtered light is all great for the fern. Just make sure to check hydration levels, they  like a damp (not soaking) soil.
  • Dracaena – The Dragon Plant loves bathroom living for its humidity and shady light. These are particularly great for air purity!

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