Reviewers Say These $11 Cheapies are The Best Leggings on Amazon

best leggings on Amazon
Written by Ruth K

The days of choosing comfort over style are long gone.

Reviewers call these $11 cheapies “The Best Leggings on Amazon”

Save your hard-earned cash for a trip to a pink sand beach, pizza gifts, or new pair of Ruthie Davis x Disney heels, because it turns out the best leggings on Amazon are cheaper than you’d expect.

Soft & Slim Leggings Depot High Waisted Leggings – $10.99

Best leggings on Amazon

These comfy pair have a ton of five star ratings, with one customer even saying, “I will be replacing my ENTIRE wardrobe. There has not been a single con or downside… I swear, they feel like they were made out of holy clouds.”

best leggings on Amazon

The best leggings on Amazon Prime come in a variety of color options, including the classic black, burgundy, and white. For the more adventurous souls, you’ll be delighted by neons, sky blue, and other vacation-ready shades.

Another  glowing reviewer wrote, “These are so comfortable!!!! I love these tights… they were white without being see through and fit perfect even though I was pregnant!!! I wanna order these in so many different colors!”

Hundreds of eager customers attest to these being the best leggings on Amazon, and the reviews keep coming in. Some have even described them as “butter-soft,” and “heavenly,” with photographic evidence.

best leggings on Amazon

best leggings on Amazon

best leggings on Amazon

best leggings on Amazon

Some even decided to compare these cheapies with name brands.

“So I was dragged to this Lularoe party and felt obligated to buy a pair of those way overpriced leggings. These are the exact same if not better! Super soft and seem a lot better quality! It does say hand wash and hang dry. However I washed and dried them in the washer and dryer to do a deep clean before wear and they came out perfect. Can’t beat the price and quality.”

Even Macy’s store brand can’t compete with price and quality.

“Wow. I was skeptical to buy leggings on Amazon (no offense) because I usually get my Style&co. ones from Macy’s. But these leggings are great! They are thick enough as to where I don’t have to worry about my panties showing through and they are extremely soft. I can’t even explain how soft the material is. Amazing.”


“I am so glad I found these! I have been searching for black Lula Roe legging. They are tough to come by then crazy expensive if you are lucky enough to find them. I found these on Amazon and bought a pair just to try. OMG! I think they are better than LR! Very soft and comfortable and seem to be made well.”

With the pricing and the abundance of colors to choose from, these leggings are definitely a must have. They come in standard one size, plus size, and 3x – 5x.

Be right back, we’re ordering a few to wear with just about everything.

Available here for $10.99.

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