Wayfair’s 3-D Wallpaper is now $1/foot: OMG WHAT

3-d wallpaper
Written by Fareeha Shahid

Wallpaper is having a major major in the design spotlight and makes one of the best gifts for women who love design.

But isn’t 3-D wallpaper, like super-expensive?

Nu-uh! Beyond the odds, Wayfair’s 3-D wall paper selection is marked down to prices as low as a dollar per foot right now. We think the floral options help you can say goodbye to a world of boring, flat neutrals.

Shoppers found out about the crazy low price of the wallpaper through a Facebook post on the group DIY on a Budget when a Milton Keynes resident, Hayley Bell, posted a video of her dining room wall.

3-d wallpaper

Hayley Bell’s wall

Get ready to slay your Instagram account as you take glam-worthy photos of your house and flex them to your friends and family.
Here are some inspirational photos of 3-D wallpaper to help your creative juices flowing:

3-d wallpaper

Your inspiration to create magic in your home

Wayfair is selling a fabulous range of 3-D wallpaper options that can make your house look fab— but with itsy bitsy price tags. When you look at the white floral wall you’ll feel that the wallpaper is just ordinary. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that the wallpaper gives out an assortment of pretty multi-dimensional patterns that can blossom in any room.

3-D wallpaper

Straight out of the delivery box

This floral version is about $10 per roll, and is available in blush pink and plain white. A single roll of the Wayfair 3-D wallpaper can help you cover five square meters easily.

Shoppers are going wild over the low-cost 3D wallpapers, and we’re reading comical comments on Facebook. One user commented “I got this when I saw a post from another friend. I had an idea that this is going to be some cheap replica, but as it turns out the quality of the wallpaper was hands-down amazing.”

Another user gushed over the wallpaper and stated “At first I thought wow, have they attached real cut-out flowers on the wallpaper? When I closely inspected it, I got to know that it is the 3D effect!”

A user was quick to jump in the comment game and mentioned: “My mother-in-law always visited my house and was quick to point out that I don’t have an elegant taste. She always suggested I get those ‘fancy wallpaper sheets that all girls are raging about these days’. I never wanted to waste my hard-earned money on wallpaper worth over 200 pounds. But today, after I bought an £8 wallpaper, I can bid goodbye to the snotty comments from her.”

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