Bryce Gruber’s Thoughts of the Day (happiness edition)

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I planned my success. I knew it was going to happen. -Erykah Badu

1. Furnishing, Finally.
I think I discussed my somewhat bare apartment in an earlier post. I didn’t LOVE the new place when I moved in about 6 weeks ago, and I hadn’t really emotionally committed to being there for the long term. Somehow I hadn’t really absorbed the fact that I signed a long term lease, or that I had to set up shop for a while because I’m a mom and Benny deserves a permanent (and awesome) home. So, a few weeks ago Gay Gary got on my case about decorating the place. I mean, REALLY decorating the place. So we spent the past couple weeks dedicating our hearts and souls to the hot pursuit of awesome design. We got a new media center, an Italian leather chair, a giant loopy lighting fixture, and a mirrored art-deco coffee table. Gary and his roommate, Nick, decided to come over to put the whole look together (and convince me to paint my walls silver). At some point the night dragged on, it got late, and it was time for me to put Ben to bed. By the time I got out of Ben’s room about 20 minutes later, I noticed Gary was sitting sans pants on my couch. He informed me that his creativity really gets going when he’s without pants, and that he simply can’t channel is inner decorator with pants on. So he sat in his manties on my couch holding cans of silver paint, and hypothesizing about painting the walls either chrome, silver, or “aluminum.”

2. To follow that up… I hit the Lil Wayne concert in New Jersey with my friend, John, the next night. It should be known that John is a 28 year old eye doctor, and not the type of guy you’d expect to call and say, “Bryce, I got tickets to Weezy, let’s ride or die. To New Jersey.” As it turns out, Weezy is an incredibly talented performer, but I felt creepy and old in an amphitheater filled with 14-year old uppper middle class white kids from coastal New Jersey towns. As it also turns out, John’s favorite thing EVER is quoting Rick Ross. FML.

3. (red face). Yesterday I walked into work with a cute little tube dress, belted at the waist with some funky heels. I was feeling pretty good. I was having a decent hair day, my makeup was in tact, and I had a pile of work meetings followed by a dinner date. Well, I knew I had that little basic dress for a few years, but it was a basic brown dress… I couldn’t remember every time I wore it. As soon as I walked into the office Ashley looked at me and nearly shouted, “OMG you’re wearing that dress I love! You look so cute! I remember when you used to wear that when you were preggos with Benny!” Shit. I was wearing a dress that also fit when I was like 4-5 months pregnant, only it was 3 years later and 30 pounds lighter. And I was wearing a dress I wore during my pregnancy to work meetings and on a date. Ooph.

4. Your Entertainment Bonus:

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