Bryce Gruber’s Thoughts of the Day (it’s confirmed)

Written by Bryce

Yup, it’s that ridiculous.

Life is a gamble and I’m all about my poker chips. -Lil Wayne

1. Some things never change. Ok, it’s confirmed. I have a boyfriend. I’m not sure if you recall one of my last thoughts of the day posts, but I wasn’t really sure if my foreigner was a temporary foreigner or a foreigner in search of an emotional green card with plans to stick around and potentially apply for Bryce Gruber citizenship. During the past couple weeks he’s become totally, 100% all about the relationship stuff, and I’ve been getting there in a more calculated, gradual way. He’s good though, and in a lot of ways he’s exactly what I’ve wanted all along… but now that he’s here I’m not sure I’m ready to digest it all in one, easy bite.

2. If you’re wondering… The guy in the picture above is NOT the new foreigner in my life. That’s just Nick, one of my top homos, and definitely my number #1 choice for a DWTS partner if the show ever approaches me to be their newest choreography train wreck.

3. Back to the foreigner for a minute. I always fancied myself as the kind of gal that would end of with an accomplished, semi-slick international type that’d prefer traveling to sitting still, eating spicy things, playing with children, capable of growing a salt and pepper scruffy beard, and with a strong sense of intellectual pursuit. And he’s exactly that. And I’ve always shunned the men I’ve dated for their “American” ways of dating- you know, all the stuff that girls complain about like the indecisive nature of American men. In fact, I distinctly remember having an uncomfortable talk with the last boyfriend about how I feel strongly that you should know whether or not you can picture yourself marrying someone within the first six months of dating, and him saying “what American thinks that way?” Well, I’m not sure any Americans do… except me. And current boyfriend is already there. And he’s bending over backwards to be anything and everything that I could possibly ask for… so I wonder why I’m taking my time to “get there” emotionally. He’s exactly what I would’ve asked for a few months ago or even a few years ago. I think the #toogoodtobetrue feeling might wear off soon though, and I can just move on to what I do best- breeding. (just kidding. sorta.)

4. Also, have you seen this awesome phonetastical device? I’ve been strutting all over town talking on my early 90’s corded phone accessory that clips right into my iPhone 4. It’s a real conversation starter. Moshi moshi!

PS We’re in Chicago starting tomorrow, so leave your comments here if you’re also in Chi-town!

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