Butt Tuck Surgeries are Taking Off, Here’s Why

Written by Bryce

Butt tuck surgeries are taking off, and may be the new answer to the Brazilian butt lift.

Say “butt tuck” ten times fast, will ya? Just kidding — because this relatively new cosmetic surgery is taking off in popularity, and it’s serious business.

“The Del Mar butt tuck is also termed an ‘infra-gluteal thigh lift,'” explains Paul E Chasan M.D., FACS, Founder and medical Director of Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery. “The drooping lower buttock excess skin is removed.” Quite literally, a butt tuck is a face lift for your rear, and the procedure is growing in popularity thanks to changing perceptions of plastic surgery, culturally-accepted butt shapes (not everyone is looking for Kardashian-style large anymore), and the natural effects of gravity and aging.

Before/after butt tuck procedure

According to Dr. Chasan, the procedure takes just a few hours, and offers near-immediate results to saggy, drooping butt-lines. The recovery is also significantly faster than that of a Brazilian butt lift. “Typically, the patient’s pain medications end by three days and post-op and they feel good by a week out. Most patients can return to work within one week.” That’s a major difference from the Hollywood-popular Brazilian butt lift, which uses natural fat harvested from other areas to plump up the patient’s rear. Those recoveries typically take several weeks, and leave patients unable to return to desk jobs for significant periods of time — sometimes more than a month.

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“The best patients for this type of butt tuck procedure have drooping in the lower pole of the buttock area,” he says of the ten to fifteen thousand dollar procedure. “Despite eating well and living a healthy lifestyle, they still have lower buttock drooping.”

Before/after butt tuck procedure

Scarring, he says, is limited. “There is a scar on the lower portion of the buttock that is somewhat hidden within the butt crease. These generally heal nicely.”

Butt tuck procedures tend to produce long-lasting lifted, perkier results that endure around a decade of longevity.

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