Celeb Summer Babies

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See which celebs birthdays are coming up in Hollywood!

Today marks the beginning of the zodiac sign of Cancer! The element of Cancer is water, and astrologically this symbolizes their sensitivity towards the emotions of others, a characteristic we know some men may not exactly possess. Thanks to Alloy.com, we found some Cancer cuties in Hollywood to share with you! Gorgeous AND sensitive? What more could a girl want.

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Even though your first instinct might be to try to impress Adrien Grenier, perhaps with your knowledge of Entourage, this Cancer cutie will be MORE impressed if you simply let him find out more about you on his own. Personally, I hope this includes both emotional and physical aspects.

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Before anyone tries to accuse me of being a pedophile – another characteristic of Cancers is their enjoyment of laughter! Born July 8, naturally Will Smith’s son Jayden would be a Cancer born Karate Kid.

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Since Chace Crawford is also a Cancer, having a July 18 birthday, he may possess the “weakness” of being a bit too clingy. Like anyone would mind that!

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